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    Would like recommendation for host with good response times for mostly Asian traffic

    Hi folks

    We're running a fast growing forum with a global audience, from Sweden and other parts of Europe, to China and India.

    Currently we have our server at servermatrix, which has been fantastic, but we'd like to move to a slightly more managed environment with MySQL >=4.1.

    We're looking for first-hand recommendations for possible hosting solutions. We don't want to have to move.

    Our main criteria are:

    - Good security, stability and uptime
    - Fast response times for global audience
    - Slightly managed environment (phone number would be nice!)
    - 1GB RAM
    - HD 80GB+
    - MySQL >=4.1
    - PHP
    - $70-$100 a month budget


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    If your curent host is good ...why switch? why don't you ask if they can install (or move you on a server with) the mysql version you need?
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    If your main traffic is intended for asia, there are a few good dcs in Hong Kong where you can colo your servers.

    There are quite a number of hosts with servers based in Asia, you just have to look harder.

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    as per my research, the hosting in most asia region havent catch up in features.

    for such requirement, you need to best datacenter. probably those connected to main internet backbone. consider the reliability of the DNS server at that regional provider as well. once down, everything goes bye bye.

    i would choose server in US. or UK.

    for data to travel from us to china let say, there is about 250 milisec delay for normal user. not that bad.

    put 99.9% as ur requirement in finding a hosting company. famous few are ipower, lunarpage, hostgator, godddy etc.

    good luck

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    Thanks -- been a while since I updated this post, but I'd like to report that we migrated to a dedicated box a couple of years ago at and have been very happy with the service.

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    Maybe The Planet budget boxes?

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    Maybe that worth to look through the local web hosting forums? I suppose that on the you will be able to get some interesting offers.
    Good luck

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    I assume that would be quite difficult to find the provider which is located in the Asia with phone support. Better search for that in the United States. I'm certain if you have good solution in the US you will never have single problem with loading your web site worldwide
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