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    * Server Load problem

    I have dedicated server Intel 2.8 GHZwith 1 GB RAM. I want to fix server load problem. I saw these lines in httpd.conf file as GLOBAL.

    RLimitMEM 203241813
    RLimitCPU 240

    Option 1) I want to SET RLimitMEM and RLimitCPU in specific client Virtualhost container. i dont want to set it as global. I want to allow him maximum 50 MB memory and 5% CPU. So please tell me what i have to type inhis virtualhost container.

    option 2 ) If i set both, GLOBAL and Also in VirtualHost container. What values i have to set ?

    Your help will be very appreciated thanks.

    Amazin Guy

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    You can set only one value, either gloabal or virtualhost container.

    Second you have to set the values according to your specification.

    for 50 mb you have to multiply 50 by 1024 twice, that is


    The value which you get should be RLimitMEM

    Thank you.


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