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    I bought this site a couple of months ago, with the intention's of making it really big, but I never got round to it.

    The site is self explanatory really. When people post they get points, once they get enough points they can claim a prize.

    Currently the only prize's I have listed are domain names and web hosting. You could change it to anything.

    The skin itself cost me $50, although it is not unique. I also spent money on the logo, getting people to install mods, etc.

    It used to be quite active, but since I havenít really done anything to it or advertised it, it's not that active anymore.

    The adsense is not channelled, so I cannot give an accurate figure on what it is making.

    August stats:

    September stats:

    The vBulletin license is not included.

    Bidding starts at $100.

    Auction ends Wednesday, 9PM GMT.

    Any questions, please ask.


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    I'll bid $100

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    nvm I don't want it anymore

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