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    Question Uptime / Server Monitoring Software - Self Monitoring ?

    Hey All,

    I'm after some windows software that I can install and run on a local pc here on our network that will monitor our VPS's uptime. I have found a plethora of websites on google, but can't seem to find any standalone software that I can install on a computer here that will periodically check that my server is up.

    Any help appreciated.



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    If all you are looking for is a very simple record of uptime then you could write the following easily:
    1. script to make an HTP request to the server - if you get the response you expect record date=now, result=1 in a database otherwise record date=now, result=0
    2. cron-job to call the script every minute
    3. you can then run simple reports off that database table (uptime = the result of SELECT AVG(*) FROM checktable WHERE datefield BETWEEN <date> AND <date>)

    The main problem with this though, is that you are not just checking the machines uptime - any of the following can cause a failed request:
    * the machine down
    * the machine running far too slowly (overloaded, may as well be down)
    * network down at that end
    * network slow/conjested at that end
    * the monitoring machine's network link down
    * the monitoring machine's network slow/conjested at that end
    * your ISP's network having trouble
    * any network in between you and the server being down or slow
    * a number of other things....

    To get a reasonably accurate uptime measurement you really need to test from multiple geographically distinct locations - at this point things get a bit more complicated.

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