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    hi all
    I have narrowed my quest for a uk based asp host down to
    I have done all the usual. google search. this forum search sent an email to them etc and so far found no comments or reviews - in my opinion thats probably means theyre okay i.e. no one has been annoyed enough to complain.
    as a final check - does anyone here have anything good bad or indifferent to say about them?


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    if there are no comments on them you might want to hold back a while, i have never heard of them.

    check -

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    hi dave
    thanks for the repy - i did a quick look at forum2 but i couldnt find a search option so didnt spend alot of time trawling through posts.

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    their website seems ok, from looking at whois, they resell from fasthosts.

    Try searching for reviews on google.
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    yeah already did a google - didnt find much. They replied to my pre-sales email in good time (within an hour of their office opening time) and then my follow up questio also got a reply within 10mins - but thats pre-sales so i wont let that be my defining guide.
    didnt think of doing a whois thanks for the pointer there.
    not sure whether the fact that they resell from fashost is good or not hmm also they were\are part of onthenet or something like that - i forgot exactly what the company was exactly called (another hosting co. also they have
    anyway ive also sent off a few emails to companys they list in their testimonials page so will see what that produces

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    1,137 have a search feature for UK web hosts, might be worth having a look.

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    thanks for taking the time to reply paul
    i have already narrowed my search to asp-host and am looking for opinions on the services rather than more suggestions - thanks anyway


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