Hello I already have multiple account with Private level resellers(common one which we all talk here). I'm happy with it when I serve my small clients.
Now I'm moving toward having some medium level customer(small company) who likes to get into quality not quantity. Currently most of them are hosted with Verio,Dell , those big names and I think I can get them If I can find a reseller plan which can offer me quality service.
> Unix Hosting
> A good connection and uptime is must.
> Email service(pop3,Smtp) has to be good enough so they can send email anytime in the day without getting any error. Also their shouldn't be blocked from any ISP, I mean Aol,MSN etc. Once they get those error they understand something is wrong this hosting server. I know some of you say why not use ISP SMTP server but I have used Verio's SMTP server and I can send email using their email address. You guys know probably what I'm talking about..
> I have 10/12 accounts to start since I only have few clients now .. thats why I cant afford dedicated server now.

I know some of you are using it now this kind of service and the reason I'm posting here because I like to know from people who are using this kind of service.
Thanks in advance guys.