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    Who keeps overwritting my file??

    Hi all,

    Recently I migrated a client into my reseller web hosting. The client was previously hosted on some cfm server. I installed a few software for him. One of them is phpdig for site indexing. Then I put up the search form on this index.html and overwrite his copy .

    However, the file has been overwritten, and the old file keeps coming back. The changes made is lost every few hours. I have no idea who changed the file. My client , his assistant, and me have the FTP pwd / Cpanel pwd. I tried changing the pwd, but somehow the files still gets overwritten...

    I notice that there is _vti folders before this. Is there any caching somewhere in cpanel server for a particular website???

    I have been hunting this for few days now. ... little tired. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


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    Check cron, check your web scripts
    Most likely this is overwritten by cron jobs calling and overwriting this. If THAT isn't the case, it's most likely going to be your web scripts updating or overwriting something here.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I finally caught the client's helper red handed. She say in her email "I dont understand why everytime I upload the changes boss ask me to do, the search engine stopped working"

    Thanks for reading


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