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    Thumbs up Special layout for sale

    I offer a template for auction (see attachment) that can be used for multiple purposes. It was originally made for a new hosting company, but they dediced to drop that idea and start a new project (and they donít respond anymore, therefore itís not paid and used before). The layout includes the following:
    • focus on the content and usability (navigation to the left, 100% stretching in the browser window, clear paragraphs etc.)
    • the layout works with all screen resolutions, even 640x480 (without horizontal scrollbar!)
    • the layout works great with 256 colors (16 colors doesnít give real problems too)

    The original company name is integrated in the image. Of course that can be changed, like the text, buttons etc. If you donít have a logo, I could take care of that for a reasonable price. By the way, please ignore the © symbols, these will be deleted from the final product.

    There is also an image of the account control center login window (attachment: acc-window.gif) that comes with the layout for free. The layout is already converted to HTML. Small changes to the layout are no problem. The winner will have to pay ľ of the final price first, before I make changes and give it to the winner. That's only to avoid problems for you and me. I prefer PayPal for payment.

    Please let me know what you think of it. And if you want to place a bid, contact me by e-mail/ICQ/PM or post a message. Thanks!
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    Here is the image of the account control center login window.
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    Great design. You should have no problem selling it
    Chris Miller
    Custom Imprinted Promotional Products 1-800-750-8530 x221

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    Very nice design..

    Any starting point for the auction?

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    Thanks for your comments

    Prime, the starting point for the auction is $20.

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