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    * need a simple shopping cart

    hi all, im new here. this place is great, i learn a lot of stuff. ^^

    i want to sell some trading cards and toys on my site so i need a shopping cart. i checked zencart, osCommence, cubecart, but i dont really like the layouts. i want to have my own design and i already created the pages. something like paypal cart would be best, just add codes/buttons.

    the paypal cart would work since thats the payment method i want to accept. (only credit card through paypal and i wont take cc info from customers) but from past ebay selling experiences, i know some customers want to pay by money order/check for small orders, so i dont want to exclude them.

    any suggestions?

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    I've used DV Cart for strictly PayPal carts
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    I have seen a lot mentioned lately about CS-Cart and CandyPress. I do not have any experience with either cart but others that have commented recently seem to like these. Also, if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative (compared to the open source carts you mentioned) you might want to look at LiteCommerce. I hope this helps!

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    Consider Oscommerce.
    It is an open source solution, there is the wide community of its users, and it covers wide range of payment systems.
    Of course, if you want to know more details go to Google and type "Oscommerce". You will find its website easy.

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    If you want tons of options and a straight forward, standard look and feel, go with O.S. Commerce, it seems to be the most utilized and probably the most user friendly in terms of installation.

    We develop one of the few flash based stores, with paypal integration and a simple admin area. Simplicity is the basis of this storefront.

    There are also a lot of free carts available at script sources that let you review them and another option is to go to a script/freelance site and post a job offering. You will get a massive amount of replies and people offering to do what you need for pennies...

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    CRE Loaded

    Try CRE Loaded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by levelfourdesigns seems to be the most utilized and probably the most user friendly in terms of installation.
    You haven't discovered then!

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