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    Slow server, possibly hax0red or what?


    My VPS has been running terribly slow (intermittently) and has had high load ranging from 0.00 to as high as 21.12 (as seen for the 1st time just the other day).
    Been having this problem for as long as I can remember; Tried several things, including optimizing mysql, and apache config files as suggested by someone with more experience.

    The VPS has only 1 website on it. That site runs upto date versions of vbulletin, Jooma CMS, 4images gallery, and Digital Diary (barely used anyway). All use both PHP & MySQL.

    Potential Problem could have something to do with what is reported by virtuozzo in the attached image.

    Tried to keep this post simple, please help.

    Where can I start so you guys can help me?
    Please and thank you for your time!
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    Help please??

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