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    Reseller - 80GB Space/500GB Transfer - $39/month - 99% Uptime! More!


    First thing we would like to mention is that our servers are with layertech which are at the Savvi Data Center. A very well-known Data Center by many hosting company owners.

    Please take note that we are working hard to complete our website, but don't be alarmed, we have people working 24/7 a day with contact e-mails that will be provided to you upon purchase. We mainly focus on customer satisfaction, and we really mean that.

    Our First Package:
    Space: 80 GB
    Bandwidth: 500 GB
    Read More Here

    Our Second Package:
    Space: 100 GB
    Band Width 800 GB
    Read More Here

    After Purchasing please PM/Email me the information you would like for the reseller.

    Accounts may take up to 24hrs to be created. It's usually done in around 1-4 hours.

    If you are interested in purchasing yearly or have any questions about the packages please contact me personally at [email protected] or our contact desk at [email protected]

    Imad Darwish.
    Web2.0 Hosting Directory Empowering our users!

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    Do you offer custom resellers ? I need 5-10 G webspace and 500-700 G BW, budget 20-25$/mo

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    What if I only need something like half of what you are offering? Will I be able to be a customized package for that?

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