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    SSL installation

    Where do I proceed to use ssl on my site? from cpanel or WHM? In WHM , there is a way to do that by purchasing the certificate and intalling it. in cpanel, I tried installing a certificate that I generated from cpanel itself but it is not working I can't access the secure subdomain with https specification. So now I want to use WHM to purchase a real certificate and install it from WHM to my site. Which way do I proceed? I mean WHM or Cpanel?

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    To install a SSL certificate for a domain, you need to generate a CSR and a private KEy which will help you to genrate your SSL certificate.

    If you do have WHM access your can generate the CSR and the necessary Private key for your domain that you need to install SSL certificate.

    Once the necessary keys and CSR are generated, please provide them to the Place where you are trying to generate the SSL certifcate, after which your SSL certifcate. Private key and CA bundle is generated, which later on you will have to install it through WHM.

    If you do not have WHM access ask your webhosting provider to genearte the necessary files needed for creation of SSL certificate

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    Incase you have problems , Let us know we would install it for you

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