Lately I set up a guy with a shell account so he can run an idlerpg perl bot. I think it actually crashed the server once from eating all the resources. So I kept on shutting him off telling him to fix whatever. I think he has it alright now but the dang process never sleeps and spikes between .2 and .4 load.
This keeps my server load a steady .20 usually.

I finally set up prm to kill it if it starts hogging again. I got to looking and talking to some other people and they say they never had resource issues with these type bots.

Does anyone here who has shell hosting experience know anything about these?

I have an eggdrop of my own and it drops rss from like 5 different feeds, it does this in 4 rooms, as well as being a protection bot. And I have never seen it even touch the top of the process ist in top.

So is this perhaps something the client has misconfigured or these bots will do this?

Thanks for any feedback in advance