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    Name Server Questions on new Server

    I need to move a site off of an existing dedicated server onto a new dedicated server. What I am concerned about is when I sign up for the NEW server, it asks me for the domain I will use, the server name, and the name servers. We are using name servers and on the old server.

    What I need to know if I specify as the domain and as the server name, and create the NS entries and on the NEW server, will this kill access to the old server?

    Godaddy points the domain to the and name servers. Do I need to change these names to a physical IP of the old server do prevent an issue?

    I guess I would like to know what prevents someone from using an existing domain on a new machine and the same name server names? How does the net prevent this from occurring?

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    If you need your same old nameservers working with the new server too, you need to change the nameserver IPs that had been already assigned earlier, and change it to the IPS assigned in the new server .

    Once you change the nameserver IPS it would take somewhat 24 -72 hours for the nameservers to propogate to the new Ip address , or may be sooner.

    once the new nameserver IP is assigned to the server you can use the same old nameserver name except the change in the nameserver IPS

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    If you have a centralized dns system that is clustered, which means if the DNS or your name servers are hosted on a different server, then you can go ahead with the same name server. If not then you either have to use the different name server or else you need to change the IPs of your name server and the IPs should be from the new dedicated server. The IPs should be dedicaed and should be free on the server.

    Once that is done you can set the configuration of your server.

    Domain name should your site name that you use.

    Server name should be server name. Don't give the domain name and server name same since that is not a good practive. what you do here is you can add an a entry in the dns zone of your main domain for the server.

    Suppose your main domain is, your server name can be

    Thank you.


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