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    Question Category/Related system..

    I'm working to launch my first website, it will be a tennis website. Tennis news etc. I'm a ok php programmer. I have allready made a system so that I can add news articles to a database. With my system each news is listed under three different categories. But I would like it in the same way as e.g.: ..
    Competition: Premiership
    Competition: Liga bwin
    Team: Manchester U
    Team: Sporting CP
    That related leagues and teams comes up (competitions and players for my tennis website). How would you do it in the best way? Do you have to add the news to different categories when you add the news article. Or is it possible to make it so that you have a list of team names etc. that when the php file that shows the news is run, it searches trough the team names and compare it to the words in the article for matches.. What do you think would be the best solution to fix this problem? I would be very happy for your toughts

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    Ahh my eyes are burning ... M*******er ...
    Anyway one of the ways to do that is by using keywords in the database. Each article contains search keywords which are then matched to the other articles and displayed as related. If you post it under different categories you'll get duplicate content which is not the best way to do it. Hope this helps.

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    but will that slow down the database? when it search for keywords etc?

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    well you can do it only once at a time as a script - i.e. update the articles once a week and point them to the other ones (have a separate filed related with articles id in it). Or you can update the db when you add a new article. Just my 2 cents though ...
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