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    * PHPFox License Wanted!

    I need a PHPFOX license. Please PM me with your offer!

    Thank you!

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    i've a phpfox licence for 7-8 months which i don't use.
    I tried to pm you but i couldn't i guess because i'm just registered.
    My licence includes copyright removal.
    i can sell it to you for $300 ..
    i can also can help you with the installation for free if you need.
    please contact me if you are interested.

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    $300 is too much bro, i dont want the copyright removal.
    I want just the normal license as cheap as you can

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    i guess i can't sell the copyright removal seperately thats why you have to buy them together if you want to buy it from me.
    final price i can make is $250.

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    I have a phpfox license, my final price is $280.

    It comes a lifetime license and a copyright removal.

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    final price $200 ...

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    EDIT: Oops, wrong place to post.

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    U still have the license ? Could you please send me an email to [email protected] ?

    Or if there's anyone want's to sell their phpfox license please send me an email with the offering price. As one of my client asked me about it.


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