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    Need DDos Protected Server

    I am lookng for a BFD, anti DDos protected server, money is not an issue, jut needed 250 mb space 10 gb monthly transfer

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    There are quite alot of hosts who configure bfd and the like on their servers to prevent brute force as well as configuring firewalls to block attacks. I'd simply suggest looking in the WHT offers section as well as making inquiries to hosts you are interested in.

    Best of luck in your search. Also to help us in directing you to a host, what budget did you have in mind as well as any control panel preference?
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    I found this one several months ago.

    They have both shared account and dedicated server.
    If you decide to try them out, please let us know hot it goes.

    As far as I've heard, there are many types of DDOS and
    it's not as simple as we would like to protect servers.

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