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    Looking for a good reseller account


    I hosted my web sites with for about two years and was very happy with then. But a few days ago they had a server problem and lost all my sites and they tell they have no backup as the backup driver was lost too… Unfortunately, I do not have any backup on my PC for most of the sites and I have to redone them from zero. Because of this and also because the rshosting owner told he want to sell his business to someone else I want to move my site to a trusted company.

    I am looking to host about 40 sites and I use about 2 Gb space and about 15 Gb bandwidth. 4 are high traffic sites, all other are very small and few traffic sites. I want a very good hosting company with very good uptime and support. I am OK to pay more than the average $20/month for a basic reseller account.

    After reading reviews here I contacted using their live support. The person I chatted with (Basil) was not very friendly and when I told him I read some post where people complained their sites where closed down and asked him to tell me if they use to close down a high traffic site, he just closed the chat session. So, I am not interested to go with such a company.
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    Hello jb00,

    First off, it isnt appropriate for a representative to close down a chat window because they didnt like a difficult question - however, please do not hold 1 representative against an entire company. Hostgator is a reputable firm and it is unforunate a staff member left that kind of taste in your mouth.

    having said this, what you are looking for is not unreasonable. I think you will find many providers that can accomodate.

    Do you have a preference on control panel? Sounds like you currently offer Linux hosting, would you also be interested in being able to offer Windows hosting as well? or would you rather stick with what you have got?

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    Could of been a issue with HG chat, i dont think the agent would of just exited the chat window on you, well I would not like to think they would of.

    With no backups am sure it will be hard for you to get back to how your site was, shame the host didnt offer backups, but as Cartika said above it shouldnt be to hard to find what your looking for.

    But, in future make sure you check what your buying, and make sure you get the level of service you require such as secure backups.
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    Thanks for the reply! And sorry I forgot to specify, I am looking for Linux hosting with whm and cpanel (not sure if there are different kind of cpanels?).

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    Do some searches on WHT and for a reliable reseller host. Your budget is very acceptable and your sites should be able to find a very nice home if you put some research into it.

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    Are the high traffic sites DB intensive? If so, you might have problems going with the lower end of the market.

    As for your live chat experience, I can personally say live chat is probably the most unreliable contact method there is. It closes down, it freezes, it disconnects, I wouldn't hold a company in bad light because of this.

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    they make daily back-ups and 2gig reseller is $4, I was with them for about 6 months on the 2 gig and then to the 40 gig,They have live support and I havent experienced any downtime, the only reason I do not have an account with them now is because I needed a vps (they dont provide) but yea dpms are really good! Try them out they offer 90 day money back!

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    Web Hosting 101, thanks for letting me know about! It's very useful!

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    try using find a host feature of wht. Its best way to get good deals.
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