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    Cheap Pr4 Link Sale

    pr4 links available on the footer of this page (

    $3 for 3 months. No other terms available.

    Send link to be added in a PM, and I will reply with paypal payment address, link will be added as soon as payment clears.

    Note: can accept stormpay as well but will cost $4 because of higher fees.

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    I am interested, can you email me. My PM does not seem to be working.

    [email protected] [dot] com

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    Your PM is not working b/c you don't have enough posts, i think you need 10 posts before it will work.

    E-mail sent.

  4. Hi elekt.
    ill take a link if there are still some available.
    Please pm me paypal information.

    thank you.

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