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    Hosting with a free hug

    Ok, I've just set up a new hosting serivce but I haven't had the time to create a site due to a few college problems and all. Basicly I'm going to offer a serivice where a customer specifies what s/he needs. I offer tech support over a range of methods, ICQ, MSN, AIM, IRC and even the good old e-mail which I will answer within a fast time of being sent (expect hoildays ) the content you put on it up to you, Just please no warez. As I get more people on to the server I plan to upgrade putting around 50% of what I earn back into to the site and free gifts will be given to customers which have been on the netowrk for some time. So please I ask you just give me a chance asking quote isn't going to hurt you now is it?

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    Please note we do come with the normal mod cons of asp, php, cgi, ftp and a ensim control panel.

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    Whoa. You're an awsome host. I'm going with you!

    Talk to you on SORCERY on IRC.

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