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    Would dreamhost work for me? Any dreamhosters out there that might recommend them?

    I am trying to find out who to move my sites to. I'm running out of room and bandwidth on my current host, My plan with them is up soon, so I'd like to find an alternative to move to asap.

    What I want to know is this:

    With the code monsters package, would that be enough for me to run 4 vBulletin forum sites, 2 of which occasionally host gaming videos for members to download.

    Adding up all of the members from both sites, I'd like to have room to be able to have 300 active users on at one time. (currently if I added my users up at peak times on all of my sites it'd be more like 100 at peak time, but I'd like room to grow).

    My old host limited the number of people that could be actively connected to my sql database's and I also had difficulty obtaining backups of my sites.

    They're using a modified version of cPanel, but I've been told it'd be fairly easy to switch to a new host if my potential new host had cPanel. If they don't use cPanel, how exactly do I switch hosts? I've never had to do it.

    I also want to make sure that my members will be able to download videos at a reasonble speed. I know that personally I was able to get 600 KB/s download under a standard comcast cable internet plan.

    And what is the advantage to having a dedicated ip? I know that I had one at included in my hosting plan, but I see there it costs $4 / month.

    I'd post a link to the plan, but I don't have 5 posts yet.

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    I can flat out tell you that you've outgrown a shared host, dreamhost and any other overseller will kick you off for excessive CPU usage etc. I'm sure that many others will agree with me on this.

    You need to be looking for a VPS or a Dedicated server if you want performance along with download speeds.

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    Are you saying that because of my comments about the number of active users i'd want on?

    Because right now only at PEAK PEAK PEAK times, (like say a new video was released by a well known player) would we hit the 100 active users among all 4 sites.

    I came really close to my bandwidth limit one month with site 5. Missing it by about 80 gb.

    With that plan I'll basically end up with another tb.

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    Try it out and be sure to let us know how it goes....i think all web sites that use near a TB of bandwidth for pennies on the dollar should go to dreamhost.

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    Well, I still haven't heard back from them yet. I'm really just worried about losing everything ya know?

    Like I'm not really sure how to transfer hosts. I know that if I simply open up my ftp client and download everything from the public_html folder then download a backup of my sql database I assume I should be fine.

    But I don't know how to test it.

  6. If your worried about reliability, want room to expand, and want fast connection speeds you need a dedicated server.

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    How much bandwidth are you using monthly?
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    the biggest month I had like 700 BG, usually more like 400 - 500 gb.

    I got an email back from them and they said that they'd be able to cover my requests. (of course they will say so).

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    I think you will go over the CPU time limit, unless you do major overhaul of your site,
    and implement caching system that serves static html file for frequently visited pages,
    and replace forum code with more efficient one (written in C, C++, Ocaml, whatever).

    Or, you can buy multiple packages (or higher priced package).
    And DreamHost can give you better estimate, most probably.
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    Well, they said it would work... so if they're telling me it will and I told them my expectations, I assume it should be fine.

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    Just don't forget to search and get one of discount coupons, then.
    $97 (maximum discount available) is a bit too big to ignore.

    Also, you have lots of time to cancel (97 days instead of 30 or 60 days).
    But to have full refund, you shouldn't obtain the free-domain.
    (You can get it later, when you are sure.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiplarson
    Adding up all of the members from both sites, I'd like to have room to be able to have 300 active users on at one time. (currently if I added my users up at peak times on all of my sites it'd be more like 100 at peak time, but I'd like room to grow).
    I'm sure that you will have problems with such busy website.
    Dreamhost is not suitable for websites with too much cpu usage.
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    4 semi active vBulliten sites will use much more CPU then dreamhost will allow. You'll get by for a while, but will eventually be asked to more along, or upgrade.

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    You can always try with dreamhost, maybe buy a bigger account (than the lowest one), but yeah for that specs you have outgrown shared... maybe a larger vps or start shopping for a server, and you better do it now, when you still have some time ^^

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    DreamHost sure has worked for me, but I have my doubts if they will let you run a dynamic site which consumes such enormous resources as this one seems to do.

    As said, such a site will need a VPS or semi-dedicated environment at least.
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    There's a risk they will throttle your account if you use up too many connections at the same time. This happened to one of my sites on there recently, practically nobody could access the site until they removed the throttle. Based on recent performance I couldn't recommend dreamhost to anybody.

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