I'm involved with a recurring revenue online education business. Its for little kids, $20/month. I have the credit card go directly to my processor who keeps the numbers and who rebills every month. I don't want the credit card numbers on my server or site since I don't have a really secure office setup.

Here's my problems.

1 There is no way to coordinate the cancels between the credit card system where they are billed and our system where we have a member management system. So I think I might make a change.

2. I'd also like to have an affiliate system which needs to link in for automated tracking.

3. A third problem is that my autoresponder database is also not coordinated with my other two databases (the credit card db and the member management one). And I do not even keep a customer support db so we have no easy way to get a history of the our communications with the customer (other than a google search of our emails which is surprisingly effective)

So far, I handle these problems with an office staff of admins but its getting more than a little ridiculous. Is there an off the shelf integrated:

- member management
- recurring billing
- customer relationship mgt (another problem that I could elaborate on)
- autoresponder system?