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    Can someone configure my server? $$$

    I have a dedicated server but can't configure it to do what I want... can anyone on here do it ? I'am willing to pay...

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    This would be better in the Requests section....

    It would be helpful if we knew what you need reconfigured....
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    Just needs security setting up on it and any other patches or anything i might need... never got one before an its too hard for me...

    its from

    thats the package

    could anyone do this an how much? the hosts said $59 to install a firewall! not paying that

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    The problem is that securoty in IT sense is very very undefined...
    Because you may spend thousands on dedicated hardware firewalls and still get hacked or just disable ssh logins and never have any problems for a long long time...

    I think the best thing to ask now is :
    1) What OS are you running?
    2) How much do you want to spend to secure your server?
    3) What you want to install exactly...
    Upgrade services? ( php, mysql etc etc )
    mod_evasive for Apache?
    mod_limitipconn for Apache?
    Or in layman terms "what you want to block "
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    Running Suse 10.1 with confixx

    I just wanted basic firewall lashing on an configuring the server just so i can run my forums off it an site. Nothing serious, was looking to spend about $40 on it... <edited>. I dont have a clue how to install anything on it... emails asll, a descent email client for webmail..
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    hi again,

    1paket SA has reinstalled suse 9.1, he said he only had that image to use!

    can anyone do the following:

    upgrade suse to 10.*
    upgrade mysql (to 5 if possible) or as close as!
    also php my admin has a limit (2mb) i think... anyway of making this bigger so i can upload all my forums sql files quicker?... or is there another way around this?
    oh and also some sort of firewall aswell.

    then clean it all up, any programs we dont need. etc

    i run a (ipb) forum, so any other protection would also be usefull!

    get intouch with me!
    will pay good price for the right person!


    oh and a decent email client,.. for webmail

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    How to contact you?

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