I am proud to be a member of this forum.

Here is my situation:

I am a member of imagelinkusa.net with 5 GB reseller package ($24.95 a month), but I don't resell it (keep it for myself). I like the service, especially the speed.

I've been thinking about a VPS lately and found a very good offer for me at SelectVPS.com. Here it is:

"We are splitting 1 Server into 4 Individual VPS (That’s right, you will get 25% of the Resources – 1 FULL PROCESSOR TO YOURSELF!)
Server Specs:
Dual Core, Dual Opteron 265 (You Will get APPROX 1.8Ghz of CPU POWER)
8GB RAM (You will get 2GB MAX RAM)
2x250GB HD (You will get 60GB Space and 60GB In Backup Raid 1 Space)
100MBPS Port
4TB BW (You will get 1TB BW)
cPanel / WHM
OS: Cent OS 4
(First Month just $45.00) $90.00/month"

I like it, but I find SelectVPS's support service kind of slow for me and speed is not as fast as imagelinkusa.net. Can you recommend me something like that at MAX 90$ a month price?