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    weird mysql remote connection problem

    I have VPS and more sites.

    I want to connect to MySQL from a remote host for 2 sites.

    I have added ip to CPanel -> MySQL -> IP access and I manage to
    connect but it only works for a site.

    I have checked user/password and it's ok.
    While connecting from MySQL console, it works for both,
    but when connecting from web/php/mysql it is not working.

    Has anybody encountered this issue? I have no idea what problem
    could be, since practically the both sites are similar, on the same
    VSP .
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    If it works connecting remotely from console, I would check the config file for the web apps you are running that hit the DB.

    EDITED: misread original question.
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    I found problem: mysql server was set to use new passwords and my client
    was using different authentication protocol.

    problem was that no error was displaying, it simply did not connect.
    here is a link that shows solution:
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