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    Im selling website which deal in Images, Files and Videos Hosting and are currently hosted on a Dedicate Server. Other than the site, you will also get along with QuickSSL Premium (valid till 08/31/2007) and the full sell right of Sharelor File Sender Script which mean you can only sell it but not to me anymore. I have no idea of the starting bid but i think to those interested party might know the price to give for this offer. You may contact me online MSN at [email protected] or YIM at [email protected] for faster respond and i will only accept paypal payment through verified paypal member for this deal .

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    Statistics for (01 sep 2006 to 20 sep 2006)

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    Regards, Kimchris

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    The site is terribly slow on my end. What kind of revenue is being made?

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    i agreed that my site are loading very slow this few days on the dedicate server so if u are going to purchase my site, make sure u get yourself a good hosting not like the one im currently on. anyway, im going to termintate my dedicate hosting with them now. to those who are interested then i might have to look for a temporary host and setup the demo.

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    rough revenue estimate?

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