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    Website not there ?


    The charity that I work for has webhosting through BT.

    2 days ago our website went down and a search engine appeared in its place (one of those tacky ones you get if you type a popular domain wrong). Our email etc still works but no website. the url is

    Some people can access our real site from there ISP's including BT ISP's but other offices etc can't even our head office with a BT ISP can't access it?

    BT are not willing to look into it because when they try to access it they see our real site as it should be and are saying nothing is wrong !

    I have also checked the expiry of the domain and done a whois lookup and all seems ok. the domain is registered for a while yet.

    Does anyone have any ideas?


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    Seems like there seem to be problems with your hosting provider where you have hosted the account currently, Seems like a server issue.

    You need to contact them as they are the one who can help you resolve your issue out as soon as possible

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    Cool thanks,

    Just got to convince BT that the problem is there end.

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    Also One more thing I would like you to check out, if your domain is pointing towards the correct nameservers or not as I am not sure what sort of nameservers BT use as currently your domain account shows the follwowing

    Name servers:

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    As posted in your other thread.

    your domain does not work if you goto but if you goto its fine.

    Looks like DNS problem to me.
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    MKHosting is right. You need to add an A record for the domain name in your name server. -Transparent Technical Support for Webhosts
    Let the PROs handle your support

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    Ok thanks, will contact BT because thay have not given access to anything to do with DNS.

    Thanks everyone

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