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    mailEnable sending mail straight to BadMail

    Hi, this has been going on for a few months now, most of the time the server is fine but then it has a patch of about a week a month where it sends all (ALL) email straight to the BadMail folder.

    I've tried the server tech support but they say to reinstall/upgrade the mailEnable software, which I've done, and try restarting all the mailEnable services in Virtuozzo, done... no joy with any of it I'm afraid.

    I have MAPS spam protection enabled through Plesk, using 3 standard spam lists ( ; ;, the max letter size is set to 10000KB, and the max threads for Spam Filter is set to 3

    Has anyone resolved a similar problem/knows what to do?

    Below are the diagnostic reports from mailEnable, where things don't look right, any ideas?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails MailEnable1.gif   MailEnable2.gif   MailEnable3.gif  

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    Seems like you are having some kind of DNS problem. Try entering a known good outside DNS server in MailEnable and see if the "failed" in image #2 goes away. Also a possibility, that domain that is entered in MailEnable is not a registered domain (image 2 again).
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    Well, There seems to be no mail A , MX , NS record for the domain We believe you haven't update the nameserver with the registrar end. That is the reason why you are having this issue.
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