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    Multiple partitions at same mount point?


    On my Centos box the /home (/dev/sda1) partition is allmost full. I wish to expand its storage space so that the new partition to be mount at the same point.

    Today I have installed a large disk (sdb1) which I want to use for extending my /home folder. I have already created partition etc. Now I want to know if it is possible to mount this disk in my /home folder as well making sda1 and sdb1 acting as one large disk?

    Meanwhile, If that 'merge' is not possible then please tell me how can I command cPanel/WHM to use some other directory for future accounts? (/home, /home2, etc)


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    You can't merge the two unless you are using the logical volume manager. If you don't know you probably aren't.

    So, your second idea is the way to go unless you want to copy all the current accounts to the new disk. I don't know off the top of my head where in cPanel the box is to change the home directory path but it does exist.
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    thanks for the reply,

    I think the answer is the WHM 'Home Directory Prefix' option. I don't have to merge the two HD's but I will use the Prefix 'home' so every directory with the name 'home' in it will be treated as Home Directory by cPanel. (thanks jmeyers)

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    Mount the new disk as /backup, copy /home/* to /backup and mount the new drive as /home

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