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    SEO freindly Hosted Ecommerce

    Hi Guys,

    I am going to choose a bizatomic hosted ecommerce service for my site. Is that service is worth a while for search engine friendly ecommerce solution, any one aware of this bizatomic please let me know.

    I heard that Bizatomic solutions does not giving the database access so we cant get monitor the product sales or views for over a month.

    We can get most viewed product and most ordered products only. I think we need to pay for that to get a CSV file of our database.

    Please guide me to choose the above service!!!

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    * Do yourself a favor...

    Check with their current customers as well with the webmasters of the last websites Bizatomic has launched..... Not too many happy people out there with Bizatomic... Wish you luck!

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    I'd avoid bizatomic if I had it to do all over again. Very dissappointing. All talk and no walk.

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    If you can't access your own database, that's a huge red flag, IMO.

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