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    Dedecated server Purchase. help needed

    i am going for a managed dedicated server from SERVSTRA , after researching a lot on this forum and a couple of others also, i found SERVSTRA to be the best when going in for a complete Managed Server solution. hope it will work fine for me too.

    currently i am running a couple of sites which consists of a couple of forums running on VBulletin , a couple of directories , Image hostings , File hostings , and a download site too. and i am going in for the following specs ::

    P IV 3.0 HT
    1 GB RAM
    73 GB SCSI : Primary drive
    40 GB IDE : Secondary drive
    CPanel with Fantastico
    FreeBSD 5.x
    100 Mbps upling
    10 GB backup

    hope it will work fine as far as my requirements are concerned. in the near future, i am planning to go for reseller hosting / free hosting with add supporting also.

    i need the following questions to be answered before going in for this server :

    1. will this server meet my requirements ?
    2. How is SERVSTRA and its after sales support ?
    3. 73 GB SCSI / 500 GB IDE HDD ? which one should i choose because both comes in the same price range. also if 73 GB SCSI then how is SCSI better than IDE and in what ways ?
    4. My budget rightnow is around 200 - 250 USD / month. do i have some other better option ? but i need a fully managed solution as i am new and this is my first server.
    5. will VPS work for me ? does anybody has a trusted and reliable VPS deal ?

    As i am planning to buy ths server within a day or two, i would be highly oblidged if all knowledge banks do provide me with their valuable suggestions.

    thanks a lot.

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    A SCSI harddisk is much faster than an IDE harddisk so if your sites are harddisk intensive, it be better for you but if you need a lot of space, the IDE is better.

    VPS is like a virtual account, basically you be sharing a slice of a dedicated server with other, the difference is that you have your own dedicated slice and your own root access. It is no where as fast as a dedicated server.

    If you can afford it, a dedicated server will be your best bet. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Thanks eddy , can someone suggest me which is the best ?

    SERVSTRA or LiquidWeb ?

    suggest me comparing the aftersales service and prompt services besides minimum downtime.

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