I'm looking for a company or individual that is quick with work to help develop a couple of projects for me.

What I currently need help with:
- Media CMS with auto update feature downloading videos, thumbnails, descriptions from other sites and setting them up on my own site. A lot of other features as well that I won't go into detail until I choose someone to do this work but that is the primary feature I'm interested in.
- Fixing my music video script which no longer is able to grab and generate the appropriate code to show working music videos

What I'll need in the future:
- Mainly CMS type jobs
- Fixing/adding new features to scripts

- Low to mid $XXXX range for everything.

- You must have a couple of years of experience and I MUST see a portfolio. Because of so many bad experiences.. I can only pay 100% of agreed upon quote AFTER each work is done. You can have everything setup on your own host to show me previews and all that then after I send payment the code can be sent to me. I cannot negotiate with this at least until a few projects are done and done in a timely manner.. I've had too many people not finish jobs, give me nothing, or give me something that should've been done months ago.

Send me a PM or post here with your portfolio. I may be interested in hiring multiple people to get things done quicker.