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    [For Hire] Linux Sysadmin with 10+ years experience.

    Hi There!

    I suppose I'll get right down to business, I'm an experienced Linux systems administrator with a strong background in Apache, MySQL server and PHP optimization. I've spent the last few years maintaining servers for high-traffic (over 100,000 page views per day) websites such as and and am looking to expand and offer my services to others.

    Services offered:

    Webserver Optimization
    Optimize Apache, PHP & MySQL specifically for your server & website.(Involves custom compiles of Apache & PHP unless specifically requested otherwise)
    Can also optimize image servers like lighttpd, tux, thtpd, litespeed, etc.
    Price - $30 per server

    System Security
    I believe in "Nuclear Security". Your server should be strong enough to withstand any attack.
    I will harden your system, install intrusion detection, scan for possible pre-existing rootkits, trojans & other nasties, customize a firewall specifically for your system, as well as upgrade your kernel & all pre-installed software to the latest version provided by your distribution.
    Price - $60 per server

    Get both Security & Optimization together for only $75!

    Kernel Upgrade
    Linux Kernels, if not updated properly or regularly, can be one of the biggest security issues on a server. I will upgrade your current kernel to the most stable and secure available for your distribution.
    Price - $15 for a standard distribution update $30 for a custom compile.

    Monthly System Management
    Basic I can manage and care for your server on a monthly contract. This includes 10 hours of free support per month (If something breaks, I'll fix it!), weekly proactive intrusion scanning, weekly system updates, and system monitoring. All non-critical requests for work done will be handled within 12 hours or less.
    Price - $50 setup (includes Optimization & Security setup) and $50 per month.
    Advanced Same as Basic, except you receive 20 hours of server work per month, and you get my phone number so you can call me for 24/7 support should something major happen.
    Price - $50 setup (includes Optimization & Security setup) and $100 per month.

    Website Transfer
    Website transfers are a special case. Contact me with details and I will quote you a price.
    Price - $10 for a small site transfer.

    Hourly Rate
    At my hourly rate, I'm willing to do whatever your heart desires to your server. Install programs, configure a VPN, you name it. I am familliar with all types of control panel software (cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Ensim, Webmin, etc.) as well as all distributions of Linux (Red Hat based distros, Debian distros, SuSe, Gentoo and more!).

    I charge $30 per hour

    Custom Quote
    Have a big job you need done? Do you need a large, high-traffic website moved to a server cluster? Need advice on what servers would best work for your website? I specialze in handling cases like this, contact me for a custom quote.

    I am only taking on a limited amount of customers. I'm not willing to overload myself so that some customers servers don't get the care & supervision they need. All cases handled on a first come, first serve basis. All prices are negotiable with larger orders.

    You can reach me at: [email protected] or PM me via WHT. Please include some information about what you're looking for and if possible, a way to contact you via Instant Messenger. References available upon request.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope we can work together!
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    20+ years of Linux Administration experience :: Twitter:@Sysprosium
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    I had him fix a broken site for me, worked fast and I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again.

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    Cool Highly Recommended !!

    I would highly recommend Mike to anyone! He fixed a problem when others couldn't. He's very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks Mike!


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    Wow, works fast and KNOWS what he is doing. Highly recommended! I wish my server had more problems he could fix...
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    I hired Mike to shape up a big project, and it worked even better then I hoped. I would recommend him to anyone. Should have hired Mike a long time ago!

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