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    Advertise on Funny Videos & Game site [PR4 and PR3]

    Hello, is offering Advertising spots in the form
    of text links. The site gets from 250 to over 400 unique visits daily, an
    average of about 300 daily throughout the month. Text links will run
    for 1 full month.

    The site has over 20 PR4 Pages and over 70 PR3 pages
    and Google indexed more than 20,000 pages for the site.

    Text links are only $4 per month!

    If you are interested in the offer or have any questions please send me a
    PM or post here.

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    I'll take a link, please pm me your PP email.

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    PM has been sent

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    Any proof of traffic stats? Where would the link be placed?

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    I can get send proof of stats if interested, as for the links, they will be placed under the "Top Viewed Videos" (1 link is already there in Orange)

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    Uploaded image of stats, you can check it out here:

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    Nov 2004
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    I'll take a link, can I pay with paypal?

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    Also if you get a link for 3 months the total will come out to only $10.

  9. Hi ill take the 3 months for 10$.

    please pm me the information to send the payment to you via paypal.
    Thank you

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    PM has been sent

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    pm sent ,plz check it.hope to hear from you soon

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