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    People place requests for hosting products, you bid & you only pay if your bid wins!

    If you offer hosting products and services is your dream come true! It is a place where you can find customers and bid competitively for their business.

    Remember that competitive prices are important to be a winning bidder, but so is providing a good service and not compromising on quality. Simply sign up as a Seller, select the categories applicable to you and start bidding on open Requests! If your bid is chosen, fulfill the request and rate the buyer with honest feedback.

    It is FREE to sign up and you will only be charged $2 if your bid is successful. Be of the first companies to sign up and gain an advantage over other companies. :: Get what YOU want

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    Do I see it right that prospective buyers need to sign up with this service first to be able to sign up with a hosting provider through the system?

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    Yes kind of. Buyers need to sign up to place requests. Providers provide their quotes/bids. If buyer happy they accept the bid. However thereafter they sign up directly with the provider.

    Please sign up as provider as this site is goign to be heavily advertised soon and hopefully requests will start getting placed.
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