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Thread: Hey hosters..

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    Hey hosters..

    Hey guys.. im looking for a little help here.
    Me and my partner opened up a business today and we are searching for warehouses or places that work with Limited Liabilaty Companies.. So we could buy products for wholesale price.. So i thought there is no better place to search for info like that, then from people who actually host people like that ))

    The things we need are:
    Comuter Parts, Monitors
    Businesses that do Customization ( our logo on mouse, keyboard, monitor )
    And businesses that build cases, or boxes out of metal or plastic.. ))

    Any help would be apreciated.

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    Someone posted this a while back on WHT.... you might find something....
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    Would you happen to remmber what the topic was? Just have no idea what to seach for

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    Please, help me out on this one. Im sure you know some places like that.

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    He gave you the link, no need for the topic. You might also want to search for dropshippers over at
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