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    Where can I purchase a domain name AT A CHEAP PRICE?

    I have found that when looking for a good place to buy all of my company's domains, the prices vary greatly. ($4.95-S8.95)

    Does anyone know of a site where the domains are cheap, and you can use Paypal?

    What's the best domain registrar in terms of features and service?
    I think this is the wrong forum.

  2. I would say godaddy is the most popular. How many domains are you looking to register? Several providers will offer big discounts on bulk purchases.

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    namecheap are good $8.88 per year.

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    Moved to the Domain Forum.

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    I am looking to register the domain after I get a sale. Like 15-30 per day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanusLairetammi
    Like 15-30 per day.
    If you're going to resell them for your customers and you plan to have a volume like that, you're strongly advised to get a reseller account from:


    Good luck!
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    I would stick with ICANN accredited registrars (stargate, godaddy, 1and1, etc.) NOT resellers (namecheap, etc.)

    Search the WHT forum for WHT-only Stargate reseller account $6.95 reg fee.

    Most people hate 1and1, but I've had good luck with them thus far (5.99 per year plus free whois guard and auto-renewal).

    disclaimer - i have absolutely NO commercial relationship with 1and1

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