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    Post I'm looking for sites to advertise.

    Hello there,

    I'm looking to buy some advertisement for my websites.
    I have website related to game and one related to funny videos.

    I'm looking for Text Link and/or 468x60 banner.

    If its a link, I want it to be visible, preferece in the menu area, and a good PR.
    If its a banner, no more than 2 on rotation.

    Please post or send me a PM with prices based PER WEEK, and PER MONTH. Also send me proof of statistics "print-screen of Awstats", and website URL.

    Thank you very much,
    Video Upload!

    Add yours !

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    I have some offerings,

    50% off still applies. Please let me know.

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    I can place you a 468*60 header banner on for $10/month, lots of teens that would be interested in your kind of sites.


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    Hi, take a look at my new thread: currently boosts more than 13,000 uniques a day. Sitewide text-links starting at only $10 per month.


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