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    Help needed please

    Hi Guys its me again

    From a previous post someone said i could achieve a paticular style through CSS

    Right (i know im not supposed to post links but its only so you can see what i mean)

    You see the 2 blue bars down the left and right and the one along the bottom

    Well i want to be able to achieve that look through CSS and not having to have those images as its impossible to code our subpage layout with them so that they expand with the content

    I was wondering if someone might be able to help or write out the CSS required

    many thanks in advance to all who help

    PS if you want a server load bar the tutorial is on techctuts if anyone is wondering how i did it

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    Create a 1 pixel tall background image, a small slice of those vertical bars. Set the image as a background for a parent container around the rest of the content area. The bars will now "extend" as far down the screen as need be to accommodate the content

    It is a hair more complicated than that if you're not used to using CSS, but that's the gist of it. See if this will work for you.
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