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    Won't work in IE ...

    So I've been staring at this thing for more hours now than I'd care to remember.

    Site works fine in Firefox, but doens't work at all in IE (of course).

    I spent time trying to apply the border-box model hack. But apparently that hack doesn't apply to standard mode in IE. I had to remove all the PNG's because various hacks were causing various problems. I've seperated the css sheets into non-IE and IE only ... I also downloaded the IE web developer extension (it's really crappy).

    Can't get any further though I'm afraid. There's this weird bug in IE6 which make the images disappear when there is a mouse over them. Only images in links though, so including all my navigation ones. And the icons on the center of the page. I tried fixing it by making them position:relative ... but no luck.

    The left column is dropped. I could have sworn that must be a box model hack, but apparently not.

    The 'logo' is also dropped. IE seems to pick up the navbar as going right across the screen, pushing the logo down.

    I can't seem to close the sandwich effect for the newsletter ... those <divs seem to have a mind of their own :-(

    Anyway, if anyone can give me their thoughts on this it'd be greatly appreciated. I'll have a look again in the morning, but as of 5.30AM (tonight), I'm completely stumped ... :-(


    At the

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    right, I forgot the link (no spaces)

    EnglishTeachingKorea . com/ page_1 . php

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    Looks like it's already taken care of

    Funny how it's internet explorer that's falling behind these days..

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