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    Not so much looking for site design review (currently using a design I scooped from OSWD) but a review of site functionality, navigation.

    Also looking for suggestions re: site features that should be offered eg. 'subscribe to receive new submissions by email'.

    Feel free to register and post your favourite on-liner.

    Thanks = Canadian .ca domain name forum

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    Lotsa looks but no opinions, suggestions? = Canadian .ca domain name forum

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    As you said - looks like a blog template. Content displayed pretty well. I would work on getting a logo up there - that text header is not all that catchy.

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    Very blog-looking yes - is that a bad thing? Not really.

    I like the suggestion for a logo, though having the name as text works - I would consider a tag line or slogan as well.

    I would also add some margin for your content - it's too close to the left edge. I would give it the same space (margin) you are seeing on the right side for the paragraph.

    Other than that, there's not much to it - pretty simple.
    Something witty here...

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    I agree - blog template is not such a bad thing if used correctly. I agree with your content margins needing to be adjusted to be a bit friendlier on the eyes and keep to a more clean approach. I still think a logo would be nice but I suppose depending on what their main focus with the site is (hobby or professional) would determine the need for such work done.

    Also - not a big thing but the orange grad. fade you have in the header is not fluid enough - might want to to adjust your gif to jpg - drop it down to maybe a 2px by ?? and put in as a background to avoid a longer load time.

    The menu box on the right - you might want to make the text spacing the same as your content. It appears that a space was skipped between each letter. Keep the same look and feel through-out as much as possible.

    Just my additional thoughts.

    PlaneWalker knows his stuff though. Listen mainly to him. I am rambling.

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    Thanks guys.

    We all agree then that the text header needs 'something' and the content left margin needs to be wider.

    Jerret: I THINK I agree with your comment about the text spacing for the right menu items. Looked better without content in main section.

    Any suggestions for site features that would make it 'bookmark worthy'.
    Offering the option to vote for favourite one-liner and/or make comments have been suggested. = Canadian .ca domain name forum

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    The google ads drop out in opera, not really a problem as long as there is more stuff on the page. I realise you probably need it for SEO, but I'd consider moving the random jokes to the top of the page too.

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