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    29.99 Yearly Reseller!!!! RRP 8.99 Per Month !!

    Hello and welcome to DanMB-Hosting.

    We are offering this excellent offer for a limited time only!!!

    What will i get?

    30GB Space
    60GB Data Transfer
    cPanel Pro
    Fantastico DeLuxe

    How much will this cost me and what am i saving?

    This will cost you an amazing:
    For 12 Months Reseller

    It usually Costs 8.99 per month!!! LOOK at the savings you are getting!!!

    How can i contact you? Or get support?

    You can contact us by the following Methods:

    Non-Clients (If your not a customer yet)

    Microsoft Messenger - [email protected]

    Email - [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

    Aim - DanMB2006


    All of the above plus ticket support with less than 12hr response

    What are your basic TOS?

    Ok, if you request we can give you shell access however you must not do the following:-

    -Create SHOUTcast Accounts
    -No IRC is allowed including eggdrops etc

    We do allow adult content as long as it is legal with the US, Asia and Europe.

    No copyrighted matierial should be uploaded unless you have permission from the owner/s

    No Warez/Serials/Torrents, Links to Warez,Serials etc. Basically nothing illegal

    Great. How do i sign up?


    Select 'Resellers'

    Then enter your domain

    Then select the package 'Business' and select billing cycle 'Annually'

    The rest is simple!!


    Any problems or questions please ask.

    NOTE: All prices are GBP


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    signup link is invalid? does it require \billing\ to be inserted?

    How many other reseller accounts will be created per server and what sized hard drive\s does the server have?

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    oops thank you for pointing that out. I'll fix it.

    The HDD is 160GB which can be easilly upgraded at the click of a button with around 12-24hr setup time.

    We wont allow more that 25+ Resellers per server
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    How much in USD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanMB
    We wont allow more that 25+ Resellers per server
    Is 649/year really going to cover the costs of a server with:
    750Gb Disk
    1.5Tb DataTransfer

    Plus all the associated support etc ?
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    This offer ends later on today!!!

    To: Otherllotech

    We are not planning on selling all of these. Limited time only. So we will be getting more money.
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