Hello folks, for those of you that are curious, here is my
3 month review.

Anyways, I missed the 6 month mark, so here is the 7 month review.

Uptime: Great. I haven't had any hardware or network problems. My site has had software issues, but that's just related to my coding, not the host. I really can't think of the last time that I or a visitor to my site noticed it was down. This has been one of the most reliable hosts I've ever had.

Support: TOP NOTCH. I think they've added some more support folks as some of the names I see when I submit a ticket aren't the same that I saw 6 months ago, but the quality of their support hasn't changed. They are always quick to answer my questions and provide pretty much any help I need. They're always quick to either show me how to configure something or when I ask they go ahead and fix it for me. They do this even when it's not their problem. If I mess something up (which I've done) they were always there to help me out.

Price: Their prices haven't gone up since I joined, they have introduced a few more packages I think, but they're just as competively priced as they always were.

Little Things: The support team is always good about helping me out, for instance, I was expecting more traffic than normal and they gave me some temporary memory upgrades to help. They have also monitored my server for me when I was out of town and offered to take care of it for me if Tomcat decided to lock up.

Anyways, still a really solid host, I really recommend these guys, I've been with them for quite a while now (well, at least in webhost terms when it seems like some companies come and go within 4 months) and they're just as solid and good as they ever were.