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    Frustrated Reseller Needs Advice.

    Hello, i want to be in the reseller business, i need to host some sites i have and some sites that want to be hosted with me, and i want to give a great service, great uptime and all, and i have been looking all over the net for a reseller account hosting service, and i found some good ones, at least i thought they where, and then everytime i find one i come here and type it to see if there are any coments about it, i see some bad post about that server, and then i have to keep searching for another host and then i come here and find bad posts about it again, and so on, it seems there is no "perfect" host, so i think i will have to settle with the "least problematic" server, and im tired of surfing the net for it, so i was wondering if i could get some help from experienced guys like yourself, i need some recommendations, which one should i sign in with?
    My budget might be little bit low, im just starting, its <=10$ per month.
    Thank you for all your help.

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    Hi David,

    What webspace/bandwidth did you need?
    I know there are a lot of good web hosts around, but it is important that the price you pay reflects the service being offered too..

    If you let us know what your requirements are, we can give better recommendations and assistance
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    Always remember when looking at host reviews that it seems that people are eager to post the bad but are reluctant or simply forget to post the good.

    You are right... there is no "perfect host". What works for one reseller might not work for another. Same thing goes with cars, a "perfect" dinner, the "perfect" vacation, etc.

    I would suggest that you find a handful of hosts within your budget (you might want to try to increase that to > $20/month by the way). Then narrow your search from there by taking into account what's important to you and your reselling business (company longevity, hosting features, support, etc.). Once you have narrowed it down then you can start the process of "weighing" reviews.

    When looking at reviews, read between the lines and try to figure out if the review was written in anger in the heat of the moment or if it's a legitimate effort to inform readers of bad service.

    Good luck!
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    2-5GB storage 30-75 GB Bandwith would be fine, im not really worried about webspace/bandwith, i want good service, a real 99% uptime.

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    Sorry for double post, it seems that ResellerZoom is a good option, what do you guys think? do you know what are their server specs?

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    It is really depend on what kind of comments you are looking at. Sometimes it is just because of some misunderstanding or other people do not know how to use it yet or do not understand what they are doing.

    Even for yahoo, you can find bad comments :-)

    Also, be reasonable with your price. Goodluck!
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  7. If you want top quality service then you need to be willing to pay top quality price. You may want to raise your budget a little

    Also, as somebody pointed out above, almost every host has one client that they just cannot satisfy no matter what they do. You are always going to find bad reviews on basically every hosting provider around. You just need to ask plenty of presales questions and make sure you know what there uptime guarantee is (Also what they will provide you if they fall below that uptime guarantee)

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidf80
    2-5GB storage 30-75 GB Bandwith would be fine, im not really worried about webspace/bandwith, i want good service, a real 99% uptime.

    Wait, 99% would be really bad performance! You need at least 99.9% and should try to find systems that offer 99.95% or better.

    Reseller zoom is a great company. Their servers are fast and reliable. We have been using them for over a year and thank them for being so reliable.

    However, you should raise your budget and choose their Advanced plans, not the Budget plans, or upgrade to an Advanced plan as soon as you start making some money at it. The difference in performance, especially when working with your WHM, is significant.

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    I was interested in incognitonetworks, but some "bad" posts made me think twice about it, what do you guys think?

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    I think it's going to boil down to "you'll get what you pay for" in this case. $10/month for a reseller account simply won't cut it unless you want problems down the road. Even with a reputable reseller hosting provider you are going to have some problems at some point, there is no such thing as a "perfect host", only a "perfect host for you".

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    Best advice is to start making a list, and checking it twice.

    Spreadsheet format might be best as you can detail why you like, don't like, someone Service. Once you have a shortlist of about 5 names you start getting serious. Contact them by eMail, phone, whatever, and ask a few questions about their packages. That should give who to start with now and who to immediately move to, if plan B is required. And don't lose that list!

    With any potential Hoster, Features / Price / Support can be checked out before signing up. The last point to consider, Service or Uptime, cannot usually be determined until one actually starts using it.

    To help overcome that, there are various places that provide Free or Paid uptime monitoring and the following three provide both:

    Using a combination of all on one Hoster or each on different Hosters, can give you a good idea on their Service before using them. And, as people are quick to complain and slow to praise -- just the way we are I guess -- look for a Forum at your potential Hoster. Reading through various posts will give a good idea of how other people judge the Hoster along with how they reply to posts.

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    I'd advise seeing how they respond to your pre-sale questions. Ask what's important to you and see how they respond.

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    try SYN Hosting, I havnt been with them for too long but have been very impressed with thier support and havnt experienced any downtime yet.

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    incognitonetworks not bad for my $10

    i've been with incognitonetworks for almost 2 years and its worked okay for me. There have been 2 significant outages in that time that i can recall and by that I mean measured in several hours. I was indeed concerned and they probably lost some customers over it. But what I liked about them is that they acknowledged there were issues and worked towards getting us a resolution as best they could. They remained professional in the face of criticism on these very forums and they chose to take the highroad in the instances that I observed. I thought that was pretty cool so I stuck it out. Hopefully they learned things from those challenges and have implemented safeguards against a repeat occurance. Everyone hopes for the perfect hosting experience but in any shared environment thats a difficult order at any price. Can Incognitonetworks continue to provide an acceptable level of service for the economical fee they charge? I certainly hope so. I'd like to continue to hosting with them for as long as the service level is mantained. is my domain for verification if needed.

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