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    clustering cpanel

    I have four shared web hosting servers, all using cPanel and Centos. Each
    box has its defaults programs included with cpanel (database, web, mail, dns, etc).

    Current setup:

    Box #1

    Box #2

    Box #3

    Box #4

    What I would like to do is be able to use ns1/ns2 for all boxes, clustered together but without having the dns zones duplicated to all boxes (to avoid confusion so to speak). How can this be done without downtime for my clients? The decision leading to this is the fact that Godaddy does not support more than 8 total custom dns entries which as you can see above Iíve fulfilled by now.

    Is there a simple solution, or another suggestion? I need add a 5th box as well asap.

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    Cpanel provide DNS clustering. But why you need only DNS clustering ? Chances of failing DNS only is rare than other services.

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    Read the post carefully, that'll help

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    I've used cPanel's DNS syncing (which it refers to as DNS clustering) with a little free hosting experiment of Ubiquity's, which worked, however it was inefficient to a point that it wasn't really worth using (at least at that time). We tried a third party DNS syncing script for a bit (MyDNS I believe) that worked better, and we ended up bugging Chris Wells with InterWorx to work in something better to their product (which uses TinyDNS), which is the best option I've seen for this to date.
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