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    [FOR HIRE] Webdesigner: - Extensive portfolio

    pixelGUISE is offering professional quality website and logo design at the low rates given below:

    The Pricing:
    Static website design with HTML coding - $80
    Logo design - $30
    Website + Logo package - $100 ($10 OFF!!)

    N O T E : Please do NOT contact me for anything that requires programming. I only code my designs in HTML and will not code any design for your CMS, forum or any similar script.

    Templates for Sale:
    Wordpress Template:
    Uncoded - $60 (Coding not available)
    Hosting template:
    HTML Coded - $120
    Templates may be sold for a lower price, please post your offers.

    My Previous Works Include:
    pixelGUISE - My website and complete portfolio
    Deathdart Studios - My previous website (Design now sold to

    ILoveIM Web Messenger
    The Hardware Guys
    Redihot Hosting
    Habbo Remix
    Techenclave Forum Skin
    Radon Host

    deviantART Gallery - My dA Gallery

    Please visit my portfolio for a complete list of past projects.

    Contact Information:
    Email: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    Order Form:
    Please contact me using one of the above methods. Please do not PM me.

    Payment will be accepted via PayPal.

    - Abhay Singh
    A B H A Y S I N G H - Graphic Design Portfolio

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    If anyone purchases a template here and is in need of coding, feel free to contact me. Prices start at $25USD for valid XHTML/CSS
    NuPixel - Custom Web Design & Graphics
    Extraordinary, Not Ordinary
    Web & Graphic Design, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Script Customization & Integration + More!
    Click Today! -->

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