Start your ringtone, logo website today, FREE

We will host all content and automatically update it without you doing a thing! We are hosted on very fast servers and we are looking for some more people to bring on board the already very sucessful clients.

We are a provider of specialized information technology solutions. We provide a variety of SMS and IVR services ranging from client calls software application development to customized interactive SMS content.

To provide up to date services in the mobile business is not very easy. You have heard, that the mobile web sites, that offers ring tones, logos and pictures are very profitable. To create such site on your own is not so easy as it looks. You must spend a lot of money for development and updating the information in a such site.

What if we give you an opportunity to start your own mobile web site now! To make your own mobile site with us is super easy and you do not need any knowledge of programming to do it.

We have "wizard", which will help you to build your own mobile site for no more then 20 minutes and you are ready to start. Our code requires only HTML and Javascript, so you can run your page on any free web host. Even if you have problems to start this services our professional staff will provide you with help or advice.

When you are ready with our mobile site, you can check our billing system. Here you can watch your incoming revenue. Our billing system is very transparent and easy for navigating.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have more question or want to start your mobile business right now.

Why Us?

At Mobile Media Networks, excellence is our top priority. The quality, skills and experience of our employees and executive team are what will truly impress you. We work to deliver what you need on almost any timetable within almost any budget.

Excellent results

Your company can gain a competitive advantage by using MMN's services, as we offer high quality, cost efficiency, and above all reliability. Each project is perfected, each client - satisfied, guaranteed!

Many users who started selling ringtones with us in the past as a sideline, now have it as a their main earner, and often bypass the amount of wages they get in there own job, a couple of clients are making more revenue in one month than they would in one years annual salary.

Expected Outpayment you can receive is based at 63p per minute, and you multiply that by the hold time of 3 minutes, that equates to 1.89 per customer, and you don't need to deliver anything to them as we have already taken care of it for you.

A good website can generate 100 sales per day, the profit you would make based on a 30 day month is 5670+vat and annually that would be over 68k+vat per year, we have clients who generate much more than this month in month out.

A small website, starting off could receive around 10 orders per day, that would generate over 6800+vat per year. Not bad for just a website.

We believe the more quality products we enable you to use through our billing platform i.e. ericsson colour backgrounds, the more money you will make, and giving a real meaning to gross profit for you.

Setup Cost: FREE (Usually 99.99!)
Monthly Cost: FREE

Any catches?

Nope, this is a completly free offer, however we must ask that you get at least 20 revenue each month to cover our costs, if you do not manage this it will get rolled over do not worry.

To find out more and how it could benifit you PM or email me.

All the hosting you need is a little one, all you add is a small amount of Javascript to the page!

UK ONLY, We do however plan to go worldwide