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    Today I have/host 2 big network entertainment sites and one stand alone emulation site, here they are:

    - Composed by 01 main site (, 01 main forum ( and 23 hosted sites. Both MugenBR and their hosted sites are all about Mugen. Mugen is a free 2d fight engine to create fighting games. MugenBR and it's forum is the oldest and one of the bigest site/forum about Mugen on the internet, the site started in 2000 and we have more them 5.000.000 visites since them.

    - Composed by 01 main site (, 01 main forum ( and 10 hosted sites. Both DojoBR and all hosted sites are dedicated to Anime and Manga (we host fansubers sites and thins like that).

    - Compose by 01 main site ( and 01 main forum ( EmuBR is kind of a new site compared to MugenBR and DojoBR dedicated only to emulation.

    Today I have all this sites hosted in a one dedicated server with 1500bw/month (we use around 1200bw/month). All sites together generates U$ 100 to U$120 a month with Google Adsense program, last month we have 862.120 page impressions and 1636 banners clicks.

    The big problem for me today is that it takes too long to have google money on my acount to pay for the server and right now I'm dealing with some financial problems and it's becoming very dificult to maintain this sites, because of this I'm contacting you.

    I'm looking for someone that would be interested in provide a dedicated server to host this sites, in exchange the banner space would be yours to use the advertise program you want and only your advertise banner would be displayed.

    If to host this sites we have to make some changes, then no problem, we will make the needed changes.

    Please let me now if you can help me !

    Best regards,
    Lukas D. Kersting

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    would you like to sell some banner spots?plz check my signuture

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