We are in need of customization of the signup pages, we need them perfectly integrated within our site.

I also need to know how these customizations would be affected when we do upgrades? How would we preserve all the settings?

And finally, we use plimus.com to process our online payments. We would want some modification made to the CE script such that when the customer has finished making the order, CE will redirect to the plimus.com page with all items that were selected, showing up in the plimus shopping cart.

This is what plimus had to say about it for your reference (I suppose this has to be incorporated into CE):

You can collect all the information (contract ids and quantity) on your site and post it to our server.

To do that you will need to create a form (and submit it to our server) as follows:

<form action="https://www.plimus.com/jsp/checkout.jsp"

<input type=hidden name=developerId value=AAA>
<input type=hidden name=submitAction value="buynow">
<input type=hidden name=numberOfContracts value=3>

<input type=hidden name=contractId1 value=XXX>
<input type=hidden name=quantity1 value=1>

<input type=hidden name=contractId2 value=YYY>
<input type=hidden name=quantity2 value=2>

<input type=hidden name=contractId3 value=ZZZ>
<input type=hidden name=quantity3 value=4>

Where AAA is your vendor id, XXX, YYY and ZZZ are the contract ids.

* Note that you can also post contracts with quantity=0 and it will not be added to the order.

* Additional parameters you can post: currency, bCur, couponCode, custom1, custom2, custom3, custom4, custom5

Please PM me your best offer for this and estimated delevopment time.