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    Literature Website & Forum - 85,000 Page Views, 39,000 Posts

    URL :

    Age of Site : Almost 1 year

    Monthly Page Views : ~84,300 last month

    Monthly Uniques : ~10,600 last month

    Stats :

    Traffic Details : Much of the traffic has come from word of mouth referrals along with links in Blogs and other historical fiction websites. No heavy promotion has been done at all, all growth has been totally organic.

    Links in Google : 10,800

    Details :

    This website was set up to cater for a lack of forums based upon Historical Fiction and has grown massively in the past year. This website was set up purely as a hobby site by my partner, however due to increasing work commitments she is no longer able to run the site as she would like to. There will be a huge potential in monetizing the site as there are about 40 book reviews (freely created by members), which could be linked to a US/UK amazon store. No attempt has been made at all to make money from the site so far, although I feel a combination of adsense and amazon aff schemes would work extremely well. The monthly book club means that many members buy at least that book per month (often more), which could generate significant revenue though amazon commission.

    The site is based on static PHP files for the content pages and vBulletin as the forum software (license not included). The forum has a dedicated team of moderators in place that I think would remain, and book reviews are freely submitted by forum members. A system that allows members to automatically submit reviews to the site would greatly increase the submission rate I am sure (a fantastic way to gain free content on the latest books).

    This is a very reluctant sale from my partner as she has spent a long time creating and designing the site and forums. Traffic has been increasing almost linearly for the time the site has been online.

    Starting Price : $1000

    Payment : (via Paypal / direct bank transfer)

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    $700 bid at DigitalPoint.

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    $800 bid at Digital Point now:

    Ends 8PM GMT. BIN $1500

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